Meeting held electronically and open to public attendance
Council Chamber, City Hall

We recognize and respect that New Westminster is on the unceded and unsurrendered land of the Halkomelem speaking peoples. We acknowledge that colonialism has made invisible their histories and connections to the land. As a City, we are learning and building relationships with the people whose lands we are on.


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The Mayor will open the meeting and provide a land acknowledgement.


As circulated or as amended (urgent/time sensitive matters only)


If Council decides, all the recommendations in the reports on the Consent Agenda can be approved in one motion, without discussion. If Council wishes to discuss a report, that report is removed from the Consent Agenda. A report may be removed in order to discuss it, because someone wants to vote against the report’s recommendation, or because someone has a conflict of interest with the report. Any reports not removed from the Consent Agenda are passed without discussion.

  • Recommendation:

    THAT Council adopt the recommendations for items # on consent.

The purpose of this report is to update Council on the Building Safer Communities Fund Program (BSCF) established to serve youth (defined as ages 12 – 25 years) at high risk of involvement in gangs and using guns in violent crime, the BSCF Working Group’s initiatives and progress to date.

  • Recommendation:

    THAT staff be directed to provide regular updates to Council on the progress of the Building Safer Communities Fund Program.

The purpose of this report is to request that Council issue notice that it will consider varying the definition of “Security” in the Subdivision and Development Control Bylaw No. 7142, 2007, as amended, by including an Indemnification Servicing Agreement from BC Housing and Management Commission, as an acceptable form of security for the proposed supportive housing project located at 602 Agnes Street (68 Sixth Street).

  • Recommendation:

    THAT Council provides notice to consider issuance of Development Variance Permit No. DVP00730 to vary the definition of “Security” in the City’s Subdivision and Development Control Bylaw No. 7142, 2007, as amended, to include the use of Letter of Indemnity from British Columbia Housing Management Commission (BCHMC) for Works and Services Agreement, and to proceed to Public Notification.



To amend the Zoning Bylaw to implement the requirements of Provincial Bill 44 (Small Scale Multi-unit Housing) and Bill 47 (Transit Oriented Areas).  This bylaw is on the agenda for THREE READINGS.

Application presented to Council in Workshop on May 27, 2024. Notice published May 31 and June 6, 2024.

To designate the Transit Oriented Areas located in New Westminster, defined as land within 800 metres of a SkyTrain station, as required by Provincial Bill 47 (Transit Oriented Areas). This bylaw is on the agenda for THREE READINGS.

Application presented to Council in Workshop on May 27, 2024. Notice published May 31 and June 6, 2024.

Submitted by Councillor Campbell and Councillor Nakagawa

WHEREAS new provincial legislation is creating a path for increased development density around transit areas which will impact many more affordable New Westminster neighbourhoods due to our abundant transit services; and

WHEREAS Bill 16 (Housing Statutes Amendment Act) allows municipalities to enact tenant protection bylaws related to redevelopment, including within transit-oriented areas; and

WHEREAS tenants—especially those in older and more affordable rental housing— may be disproportionately impacted due to this new development; and

WHEREAS New Westminster has previously shown leadership in protecting vulnerable renters with strong actions to curtail demoviction and renoviction; and 

WHEREAS the regional housing market is reaching new levels of crisis, increasing the risk that existing tenants will lose access to adequate housing through displacement related to redevelopment;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the City of New Westminster update our tenant protection and relocation policies, using Burnaby’s as a model to provide support for tenants who may be displaced from their homes, including by redevelopment.

Submitted by Councillor Fontaine

Whereas a recent series of State of the City addresses by the current and past Mayor have taken place at a private venue that restricts entry only to those 19 years and older; and

Whereas the most recent State of the City address held on May 7th, 2024 was a ticketed event which also required people show government issued identification to enter the premises; and

Whereas the City of New Westminster is committed to supporting our youth and embracing inclusivity; and

Whereas other Mayors within our region ensure their State of the City address is held in an open, no-cost, low-barrier venue such as at City Hall;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council prohibit the Mayor from hosting future State of the City events that are not fully accessible to all members of the public free of charge.

Submitted by Councillor Minhas

Whereas the process, procedures and policies linked to the establishment of outdoor events in New Westminster has been described at complex, costly and a challenge to overcome; and

Whereas there is a desire on the part of the City to encourage more outdoor events on a regular basis throughout the year; and

Whereas it is good practice to regularly seek feedback from the community regarding whether there are opportunities to streamline our processes in order to reduce red tape;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council establish a citizen-based taskforce to review our policies, procedures and permit fees regarding how they may be impeding the development of new and/or putting into jeopardy existing outdoor events; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the taskforce make recommendations to Council regarding how we can streamline our processes and reduce red tape to help facilitate more outdoor events on a regular basis.

Submitted by Councillor Fontaine

Whereas Metro Vancouver’s North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant project is now estimated to cost nearly $4 billion dollars, a massive cost overrun compared to the original $500 million dollar budget; and

Whereas the specific circumstances that led to one of the largest cost overruns of any public infrastructure project (on a percentage basis) are still mainly unknown; and

Whereby given Metro Vancouver is about to undertake several other mega projects that will cost Metro Vancouver taxpayers billions of dollars;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Mayor Patrick Johnstone, as our representative on Metro Vancouver, be asked to submit a motion to that governing body calling for a full, independent public inquiry into the North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant cost overruns.

Submitted by Councillor Minhas

Whereas access to our City’s waterfront should be something accessible to all residents, regardless if they have mobility challenges or not; and

Whereas there are several City owned-operated elevators that connect our downtown to the waterfront which have been out of service for periods of several months at a time; and

Whereas a lack of elevator access can prove challenging for people with mobility difficulties to access our waterfront

BE IT RESOLVED THAT staff report back to Council regarding the status of our City owned-operated elevators (connecting our downtown to the waterfront) over the past year including how many days they have been out of service; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT staff report back with an action plan to ensure that at least one City owned elevator always remains operable to ensure a minimum level of access to our waterfront.



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