Meeting held electronically and open to public attendance
Council Chamber, City Hall

We recognize and respect that New Westminster is on the unceded and unsurrendered land of the Halkomelem speaking peoples. We acknowledge that colonialism has made invisible their histories and connections to the land. As a City, we are learning and building relationships with the people whose lands we are on.


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The Mayor will open the meeting and provide a land acknowledgement.

Urgent/time sensitive matters only

This report provides Council with proposed service enhancements for the 2024 DRAFT General Fund Operating Budget. The purpose of this report is to provide: • A detailed list of proposed 2024 General Fund Operating Budget Service Enhancements; • A corresponding funding strategy; • Three different General Fund Operating Budget scenarios, each summarizing the estimated property tax revenue impact. The expectation is that Council will provide staff with feedback at the December 11 operating budget workshop that will set direction for staff to prepare the necessary bylaws for amending the City’s 2024 Property Tax Revenues and Rates.

  • Recommendation:

    THAT Council provide direction on which of the three proposed 2024 Service Enhancements for the General Fund Budget scenarios they support;

    THAT Council provide direction on the proposed estimated property tax revenue increase for 2024;

    THAT Staff be directed to report back on the Draft Consolidated Financial Plan Bylaw, 2024 – 2028.

The purpose of this report is to provide Council with an analysis of the 2022 General Local Election. Staff propose some changes for the 2026 Local General Election for Council’s approval.

  • Recommendation:
    1. THAT Council, provide the following direction to staff:
      1. That staff continue to use branded marketing and promote the election on all the City channels including social media, billboards, City facilities, and bus shelters.
      2. In the 2026 election to provide a small number of voter guides distributed in City facilities and through partnerships with local malls.
      3. Research other municipal candidate statements and work with Elections BC to develop a more structured candidate profile format.
      4. To make the distribution of voter cards with a QR code link to the voter guide a standard feature of all City elections moving forward.
      5. That the City offer mail-in ballot options for all future Local Elections.
      6. To research providing an opt-out clause for mail-in ballots for by-elections to save costs.
      7. To maintain the current alphabetic order of candidates on the ballot.
      8. To provide name order analysis to the School Board for their consideration.
      9. To investigate closing the loophole within the sign bylaw that allows for larger signs in some areas of the City.



*Some personal information is collected and archived by the City of New Westminster under Section 26(g)(ii) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and for the purpose of the City's ongoing commitment to open and transparent government. If you have any questions about the collection of personal information please contact Legislative Services, 511 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, V3L 1H9, 604-527-4523.