Utility Commission Meeting

Meeting Held Electronically

We recognize and respect that New Westminster is on the unceded and unsurrendered land of the Halkomelem speaking peoples. We acknowledge that colonialism has made invisible their histories and connections to the land. As a City, we are learning and building relationships with the people whose lands we are on.

The Chair will open the meeting and provide a land acknowledgement.

THAT the Utility Commission will now go into a meeting which is closed to the public in accordance with Section 90 of the Community Charter, on the bases that the subject matter for all agenda items relate to matters listed under sections:

(1)(a) personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee, or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality;

(1)(c) labour relations or other employee relations;

(1)(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.

Additions or deletion of items.

Commission members may adopt in one motion all recommendations appearing on the Consent Agenda or, prior to the vote, request an item be removed from the Consent Agenda for debate or discussion, voting in opposition to a recommendation, or declaring a conflict of interest with an item.

MOTION to remove items from the Consent Agenda.

MOTION to approve the recommendations for items remaining in the Consent Agenda.

Staff and guest reports and presentations for information, discussion, and/or action

Items added to the agenda at the beginning of the meeting.

Remaining scheduled meetings, which take place at 2:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted:

  • May 17
  • June 28
  • September 20
  • October 18
  • November 22